Breach of Contract

What Is Breach Of Contract?

If a party is in default of a term of a contract, whether wholly written, oral or a combination of the two, and this breach causes a non-defaulting party loss, that party may have a claim for a breach of contract. Before you consider pursuing any claim, it is important to seek legal advice as to what remedies may be available, depending on importance of the term, for example, is it a condition, warranty or intermediate term?

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Parties to a prospective contract should note the following points:

  • Make sure the contract is valid
  • Seek advice on the classification of the term you believe has been breached. Is it a condition, warranty or intermediate term?
  • Make sure that there are valid contractual provisions to best serve your interests.
  • Understand all the terms laid out in the contract and its impacts on yourself and other concerned parties.
  • Interpret the legally binding conditions that connect you or any other party to the provisions in the agreement.
  • Agree on alternate terms and conditions that are satisfactory to all parties and shall apply if an eventuality occurs.
  • Seek advice to ensure that you are able to claim the remedy you are seeking.

The Services We Offer:

Our team of highly trained lawyers in Perth have years of experience in drafting contracts and handling related disputes and concerns Our team of lawyers have experience dealing with various types of contracts, especially

  • terms of exchange;
  • credit terms;
  • Sale and purchase of businesses and companies;
  • investor assertions;
  • leases; and
  • building and development contracts

Our experienced team of litigation lawyers can guide you from the outset and throughout your prospective claim, no matter if your issue relates to a standard form contract or complex commercial transaction. For more information or to understand all terms and conditions related to any contract, please reach out to us so that we can be of assistance

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