Discrimination And Bullying

Discrimination And Bullying

Discrimination is an offence where an individual is subjected to unjust or prejudicial treatment on the basis of their gender, age, colour, religion or ethnicity.

Bullying is the frequent unfair treatment of individuals or businesses that intimidates their well-being or disturbs their peace.

Bullying and discrimination frequently pervade workplaces and educational institutions.

If you have been subjected to either bullying or discriminatory behaviour, our team of highly trained lawyers can provide you with the right assistance to pursue your case. We can also advice you on the best way to handle investigations in the workplace and educate you on internal procedures for grievances plus legal claims related to harassment and discrimination.

For any legal assistance regarding discrimination and bullying, please get in touch with our team of highly qualified lawyers for discrimination and bullying, who will ensure that the case is dealt with effectively and sensitively.

Our legal team will provide support throughout the court proceedings. The right legal advice and representation can make all the difference in a case. So make sure you hire the services of the best litigation lawyers in Perth. Our team of Litigation Lawyers in Perth has a reputation for being at the right place at the right time. Which will ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in all cases.

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