Will And Estate Disputes

How To Deal With Will & Estate Disputes?

A legal will is the binding document that implies the process to be followed for the distribution of the wealth and entire estate of an individual when he passes away. Estate is defined as the total net worth of an individual including everything that holds monetary value. A will is an assurance that your assets and property will be disposed off or distributed and managed in the manner you wish. Individuals reaching the prime of their life usually engage in preparing a will, well in advance, in case death happens unexpectedly in unfortunate circumstances. Since a will always deals with monetary aspects, disputes and disagreements are bound to happen. A good will dispute lawyer in Perth will help you with any legal counsel you need in the matter.

Will and Estate Disputes

If by any chance you happen to be deprived of an inheritance or you were not allotted a proper share of the estate, you can choose to contest a will or make an equal claim for inheritance. In Western Australia, the time for making a claim is six months from the date from which the will was declared or such additional time that the Supreme Court only may permit. But there is no guarantee for the extension.

A person who has been unjustly excluded from a will can make a claim from an estate under the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA). After you make a claim, the court will decide on the matter whether the will has left sufficient provisions for the applicant.

Our highly trained team of will dispute lawyers in Perth can advise you on the best way to approach the case. They will support you through the entire legal proceedings in court. Our legal team of commercial litigation lawyers in Perth have experience in representing both the parties to a will dispute including claimants and respondents in these kind of claims. Wherever possible, our supportive legal team will try to settle the dispute in an amicable way.

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