Commercial Litigation

The Most Effective Solutions For Commercial Litigation Cases

When it comes to commercial litigation, it is important to seek advice as to your rights and or obligations. Our team of lawyers have experience in all manner of commercial disputes. We regularly provide advice in the areas of:

  • Business partner disputes
  • Directors duties
  • Oppressive conduct
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Contractual disputes
  • Advising individuals, organizations and business entities regarding any conflict of interest.
  • Pursuing various claims and settlements to achieve the best possible solution.
  • Versatility in dealing with different businesses and proprietors.
  • Experience in handling complicated Federal Court procedures such as breach of privacy and claims of damages associated with the Trade Marks Act.
  • Mediation and negotiation skills to reach a good conclusion to any dispute.
  • Providing guidance for specific matters of concern including dealing with accusations, the Privacy Act, indebtedness, informant security, etc.

Commercial litigation often requires outside expertise. Our team of highly qualified commercial litigation lawyers in Perth work closely with

  • individuals,
  • organizations
  • Oppressive conduct
  • Professionals including bookkeepers, monetary guides, scholars and financial consultants

To provide you with the most personalised and relevant advice to your commercial litigation matters and guide you to the best possible outcome at trial, or to negotiate an out of Court settlement.
For more information as to how we can assist you, please get in touch with our team of litigation lawyers in Perth WA.

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