Driving Under The Influnce

If you are found to be driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, your driving license might be confiscated, preventing you from driving for a period of time.

Our team of professional litigation lawyers in Perth have dealt with a multitude of drink driving cases and can provide precise advice unique to your situation, corresponding to the amount of alcohol in your blood. We also offer assistance and advice in applying for an extraordinary drivers licence if your personal situation requires it to travel to and from work, and dealing with any third party injuries that may have occurred.
For more information, please touch base with our experienced team of lawyers in Perth who will assist you in the following aspects:

  • Get all your questions answered
  • Get notifications beforehand on the legal formalities
  • Be advised about the best possible conclusion to your offence.

Give a call to our team of highly trained Litigation Lawyer in Perth and they will ensure you the best advocacy for your drink driving offence.

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