Franchise Dispute Resolution

The Right Way To Handle Franchise Disputes

A franchise is an authorization granted by a company or a business to an individual or group of individuals that enable them to carry out specific commercial activities on behalf of the company, and is a great way of diversifying an enterprising company that allows a business venture to expand exponentially without the headaches of capital investment and other extra costs. In most cases, this agreement signifies the franchisee acts as an agent of the said company’s products. Our team of lawyers are able to advise over all key phases of a franchise issue, including The franchiser awards the franchisee the privilege of acting as an agent for the company’s merchandise The franchisee’s business is conducted or promoted only bearing the specific trademark or standard logo as indicated by the franchiser.

  • Payment of the required franchisee fees to the franchiser before beginning operations. Including the payment of any royalties
  • Don’t hesitate to hire the services of our experienced team of litigation lawyers in Perth who will answer all your queries and guide you through the whole legal procedure. The services offered are the following:

    • Advising the complainant after understanding all legal implications of the case.
    • Mediating with the franchiser and the franchisee to solve the dispute out of court, if possible.
    • Engaging the complainant to a healthy discussion to arrive at the best possible way of settling the case amicably.
    • Representation in court throughout the entire legal formalities.

    For more information, please touch base with our team of highly qualified litigation lawyers in Perth.

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